You will see by the photos on this site, you will see that there are a variety of types of jewelry. At this time I am doing something so different from what I did before. 

Today, I do paintings with Alcohol Ink. After I produce the painting, I set about making a unique piece of jewelry.  These pieces are not like anyone else's. Another artist can certainly make a painting and can make jewelry with it. But it won't be like mine. 

Here is my tale, one night I lay down on my bed and I got a flood of amazing ideas flowing into my brain. After awhile I got up and drew some pictures so I wouldn't forget what I had seen. Then I set off to figure out how I would bring these amazing pieces to life.  

 It is always fun to take a new path and make something so different. I guess this is part of having an artistic mind. So, I hope you enjoy my new designs. Come see them and try one on. I have my work at Stone Soup Galleries in Chesterfield Mall in Chesterfield, MO. Also at the Art House in Fulton.

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